The Devil Tarot Ring


This bold statement ring features the Devil card from The Book of Thoth tarot, also known as La Grande Etteilla tarot, created by French French cartomancer and fortune teller Jean-Baptiste Alliette.

In tarot, the upright Devil represents the shadow self and the forces that limit one from becoming the best version of oneself. The querent may be trapped in the cycle of negative habits, addictions, thought patterns and relationships. These cycles may bring short-term pleasure but the payoff is always long-term pain. When the Devil appears in a reading, it is an opportunity to acknowledge negative patterns and influences and make a conscious decision to end them. The reversed Devil can appear when the querent is about to experience a breakthrough. It is a summoning to confront the inner fears and darkness that bind one to unhealthy patterns. Confronting that which controls us takes courage, strength, and – ultimately – understanding to see the different person we can be once we have done the hard work of becoming self-aware.

• Ring is U.S. size 9-1/2
• Crafted of fine and sterling silver and vitreous enamel
• One of a kind, hallmarked on the reverse
• Handmade in Virginia

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